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Medical Imaging

The Department of Medical Imaging screens high definition images of entire human body using advanced radiation, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance, and provides précised diagnoses of diseases through image reading (interpretation) by highly proficient specialists.

The Department possesses the very latest digital equipment including a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, a computed tomography (CT) system, diagnostic ultrasound image equipment, mammography equipment, and 3-D image reconstruction, and all of the image data are provided in real-time via a computer in order not only to increase the convenience of medical care but also to improve the accuracy of diagnosis.

About Burjeel - MHPC Medical Center

The only thing that stands between you and health is the will to change and the belief that it's possible. We at Burjeel-MHPC feel that the process of healing is as important as the cure itself. Which is why along with our world-class medical professionals, sophisticated diagnostic equipment and superior health services, Burjeel-MHPC at Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi provides a comforting ambience, full of warmth and personalized attention. We call this process the 'art of healing'.