Dr. Saule Davletova

Specialist – Ophthalmology

Dr. Saule Davletova has over 25 years of experience in the field of Ophthalmology. She finished her    bachelor's degree in Medicine from the Almaty State Medical Institute on specialty Medical Treatment in 1991 and thereafter completed her internship on specialty ophthalmology, Djambul Regional Hospital, Kazakhstan in 1992. She did her MD in Ophthalmology from Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Eye Disease at Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1996. 

In 1992, she started her career as a Resident in Ophthalmology in District Clinic. After 2 years, she joined at Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Eye Disease, Almaty. In 2000, she worked as Ophthalmologist in Ophthalmologic Centre of Regional Clinic, Taraz.  In 2001, she moved to the UAE and continued her practice as Specialist Ophthalmologist in various private hospitals in various Al Ain & Abu Dhabi for more than 15 years. Dr. Saule worked as a specialist ophthalmologist in a reputed private hospital in Al Ain for 10 years.

She is a member of the Society if Ophthalmologist of Kazakhstan, the Society Ophthalmologist of Russian Federation, Professional Association of Physician of Kazakhstan.

She has taken her various professional specialized courses in vascular pathology of eye organs, microsurgery of eye, pathology of funds of the eye, intraocular correction and phacoemulsification of cataract.