Dr. Maysoun Abuhamad


Dr. Maysoun Abuhamad has more than six years of experience in the field of Pharmacy, she strives to provide comfort and care for her patients through measured out medications and dispense them to customers. She also communicates with insurance companies to ensure medications coverage and ensure that the patients knew how to take the medications properly.

Dr. Maysoun holds a bachelor's degree in Pharmacy with honors from Al-Azhar University in Palestine in 2010. And thereafter she became USA Board certified pharmacotherapy specialist in 2019.

She started her career as a Pharmacist internship through DOH. After 2 years, she joined New Al Ahram Pharmacy and then Al Manara Pharmacy. Recently joined VPS Group as a senior pharmacist at MHPC.

Dr. Maysoun not only dispenses medicine and helps to counsel patients, but she also plays a role in ensuring responsible use of medications as well as counseling patients on potential side effects and drug interactions. She also communicates often with patients’ physicians to ensure that medications are accurate.

Dr. Maysoun is dedicated to patient’s wellness and hopes that her efforts will result in healthier and happier community.