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Why to think Health Check up ?
Health screening helps you find out if you have a particular disease or condition even if you feel perfectly well, without any symptoms and/or signs of disease. Early detection, followed by treatment and good control of the condition can result in better outcomes, and lowers the risk of serious complications. It is therefore important to get yourself screened even if you feel perfectly healthy.

A New Era of Preventive Health
The Center is a collaboration between VPS Healthcare and Seoul St.Mary's Hospital (SSMH) South Korea – an integrated health provider with a network of hospitals. South Korea was ranked eighth worldwide this year for the effectiveness of its healthcare, ahead of the UK, Germany and the US. Korean healthcare has been pretty famous in the areas of cancer and heart disease, SSMH is one of the top institutes in Korea in medical academics and has established wide-ranging speciality centers to combat a multitude of cancers. It has achieved great surgical success performing more than 430 hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for leukaemia, multiple myeloma, malignant lymphorma and other hematopoietic disorders.


A highly skilled team comprising of 25 medical staff from Seoul St. Mary's Hospital has come to Abu Dhabi to lead the Marina Health Promotion Center.

The Marina Health Promotion Center is expected to be modeled after the Korean Medical Prevention and screening system to attract locals as well as foreign patients.

The First of its Kind

Marina Health Promotion Center is not only the first health screening center in the region to offer comprehensive and customized health screening program all under one roof, for different age groups and gender, but also the first Center to introduce the Korean Health Promotion Concept to the region. With the aid of breakthrough technology, leading medical professionals and multidisciplinary approach, the Center delivers a seamless, efficient and accurate service in a stress-free environment.

World-class South Korean Expertise & Technology


In fact, nobody can beat South Korea, when it comes to preventive healthcare. It is considered the hub pf medical information system where the best health screening services are offered. As we are committed to providing the world –class preventive healthcare in the capital, we have teamed up with Seoul St. Mary's Hospital (SSMH) to provide the world –class preventive care you deserve.


Being the leader of new medical culture, Seoul St. Mary's Hospital (SSMH) is recognized as the role model in preventive healthcare systems worldwide. Dedicated to the world-class specialized healthcare, we offer lifelong health management programs and systematically planned diagnostic examinations to deliver patient-centered medical service. Plus, we use an integrated approach built on previous successful track record of VPS and Seoul St. Mary's Hospital 35 years of experience in health promotion.